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Outdoor Festival Shows

Festival Shows

The most popular festival show option. Magician Shaun Jay has spent the past 16 years crafting festival shows that will work in all performance conditions.

Combining award-winning sleight of hand magic with improvisational interaction with his audience, Magician Shaun Jay is the perfect combination of amazing and funny! Every show is different due to the incredible amount of audience interaction Shaun Jay incorporates into his show.

Whether it’s for a crowd of 20 – 200, Magician Shaun Jay’s outdoor show can adapt to each venue.

No stage, no problem! His mobile setup can be placed anywhere there is a flat surface.

Magician Shaun Jay will work with your vendors to ensure that foot traffic flows smoothly at all times.

Indoor Festival Shows

Planning a festival with either a covered stage or an indoor stage? Magician Shaun Jay can deliver!

Shaun’s mic system can plug directly into the house PA quickly and easily.

Shaun’s show comes complete with custom music that he himself controls during the show. No unnecessary sound cue sheets. All that is needed is a space to perform and an audience!

Depending on your band schedule, Shaun can provide either a 30 min or 45 min show.


Check out what the popular festival band Rivermist had to say about Shaun’s magical emcee work by watching the video above.

Looking for a smooth transition between bands? What about a unique way to keep everyone’s attention in between main stage activities? Shaun combines his award winning sleight of hand magic with clean, family friendly comedy that will alleviate any transition issues you may have during the activities on stage.

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